Spree SW is a fantastic event. We’ve loved seeing kids and young people going deeper in their faith and growing in relationship with their peers and leaders. Its a really fun-filled, exciting environment for young people to enjoy themselves and find out more about God.
— Dan, Youth Worker, Cullompton

Spree is such a fantastic opportunity for our young people to experience and learn about God outside of their own church, or non church, settings. It’s a chance for them to invite friends along, to find out more about God, have tons of fun, get creative, and worship alongside lots of other communities.
We’re already looking forward to inviting a bigger crowd next year.
— Sarah, Church Leader, Exeter

Spree was amazing! It has the amazing ability to create a community atmosphere with 1000 + young people and children as well as creating a safe space to encounter God.
— Jemma, Youth Worker, Plymouth

Spree is the place to go when you work with a variety of children and young people coming from different places in their faith. The young people we took this year had some amazing encounters with Jesus and each of them grew in their faith on a personal level.
— Maren, Youth Worker, Exeter

Other comments from various Youth/Children’s workers across the South West:

  • “The kids loved everything they did this year...you have an unparalleled range of activities to engage them!”

  • “The Craft tent is amazing!”

  • “The talent contest really brought our group together this year.”

  • “Fantastic interactive sessions which engaged the children.”

  • “Our group loved the sessions. A good mix of songs, talk, activities and some great teaching for the kids.”

  • “All were challenged and were chatting about what they had heard. Brilliant.”

  • “The organisation was phenomenal. Have been to many Christian camps in the region and this beats them all, so well done!”

  • “It is so well organised. We love coming every year!”