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Our vision is that for every child or young person that comes, Spree SW would be an important step on their discipleship journey.

We do this by working with, and supporting the leaders and helpers that come with groups, so that they can make Spree SW the best experience possible for their young people and children.

There are many ways in which we do this; through morning prayer/briefing meetings, a leader's café and Info Point, and by actively using the leaders in the venues so they can help their young people engage with the sessions.

But we also provide space. Space to have fun, adventure, and try new things with their group, as well as the opportunity to talk and interact with them in a relaxed environment which enables them to share their faith in a deep way.



We don’t want Spree SW to be a one-off dose of hit-and-run evangelism – we want it to be a step on the discipleship journey of a lifetime.

Kingdom Building

Everything we do is to help advance God's Kingdom in the South West.


Spree runs for anyone aged 8-17.  This is because we believe that Spree can be a valuable step for everyone in their faith journey.  Even the leaders.

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