Spiritual Programme

At Spree SW we run five venues, each with a high-quality spiritual programme for a particular age-group and background of young person, with sessions at the beginning and end of each day.

Groups coming to Spree SW represent a wide range of churches, with different worship styles, contrasting views on a variety of theological issues and very diverse ways of teaching and discipling children and young people! Over the years we have explored a variety of formats and teams, and with the help of young people and leaders who have provided us with really helpful feedback, we believe we are now providing some of the best teaching and worship for 8 - 17s that you will find at any Christian event, anywhere.

Details of our five venues are given below. Each one runs four meetings over the weekend, each lasting between 60 and 80 minutes. The meetings in each venue happen at the same time and we encourage leaders to accompany their young people.

There is an intentional degree of overlap in the age-groups. A mature 11 year old may be better served in one of the 11-15 venues rather than either of the 8 - 11s venues, for example.

Whilst it is perfectly in order for young people to swap venues part way through the weekend, some continuity may be lost and so we suggest leaders carefully consider which one may be best for every individual.

The following is a brief overview of what each venue has to offer…



8-11's Outreach Venue

This venue is pitched at 8 – 11s who perhaps haven’t been to many Christian events before, or haven’t yet worked out a personal faith in God. We provide plenty of games, fun activities, songs, Bible stories and short talks to help this age-group better understand who God is and how they can relate to Him.

This would be a great venue for children to explore faith with their group leaders, facilitated by an experienced team from the front.



8-11's Discipleship Venue

This venue is aimed at 8 – 11s who already have a faith and want to grow as a Christian, or who want to explore faith issues at a deeper level than the Explore venue. The programme features a live band, creative prayer, relevant Bible teaching and plenty of space to have fun, share experiences and learn from each other.

Rooted is a great place for children to move forward in their discipleship journey. 



11+ Outreach Venue

Create is changing slightly for 2019 as it is now open to anyone aged 11 – 17 who is not yet sure of their faith, or is new to Christian events. The programme will be fast-paced, action-packed and engaging, whilst still allowing for an exploration of the Gospel in a challenging and accessible way.

With live music, our in-house DJ, group activities, testimony and small-group discussions facilitated by group leaders*, Create is a great place to explore faith for secondary age young people.

*Full details will be provided for leaders nearer the time.



11-14's Discipleship Venue

This venue is for 11 – 14s who are keen to grow as a Christian. Using youth-friendly Bible teaching, discussion groups, plenty of sung worship (led by the ever-popular Joe Hardy and ‘Create’ band) and the odd fun activity thrown in for good measure, Deeper promises to be a great discipleship experience for this age group.

Stay tuned to find out who will be our guest speakers for 2020.



14+ Discipleship Venue

We are changing Encounter slightly for 2019; we will be joining up with Deeper for a time of worship at the start of each main meeting which we hope will create a real sense of unity across the whole age-group as they praise God together. After this, Encounter will head off to their own venue and chill-out space for a time of age-specific teaching, small group activities, some fun activities together and time to respond to God. (Note that serving as Stewards is no longer part of the programme for this age group.)

We also provide a workshop programme over the weekend, primarily aimed at those aged 14+, which looks at challenging issues for teenagers from a biblical perspective – details to follow.