We take our Safeguarding responsibilities very seriously at Spree SW

No adult (i.e. anyone aged 18 or over) is permitted to attend Spree SW with a group unless they have a valid, Enhanced DBS Disclosure. Our DBS Policy explains what constitutes validity and the Policy can be viewed on the Bookings page hereIt is vital that groups check their team’s DBS validity as early as possible as we will not allow any adult on-site who does not meet the DBS Policy requirements and DBS Disclosures can take many weeks to come through, especially in the summer months.

At Spree we ask leaders/helpers to follow the best practice advice for working safely with children contained in the Safeguarding Policy that they normally use. It is good practice that any adult helpers accompanying groups, and who don’t normally work in that group, should be treated as ‘trainees’ and supervised by the experienced leaders when they are with young people.

The Leaders' Guide given out to all leaders/helpers in advance of the weekend contains lots of advice about keeping young people safe over the weekend, and clear guidelines about what to do if an emergency arises or any form of child abuse is disclosed or suspected. The Leaders' Guide will be made available closer to the date of Spree SW.

Groups will need to supervise their young people at all times between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am, and at any other time when they are not taking part in an organised Spree activity. We ask leaders of groups to ensure that young people know in which tents the main male and female leaders are sleeping in case they have a problem during the night and need to find them.

Under 8s attending Spree with their parents must be supervised by them at all times.

All adults attending Spree SW should be wearing a Spree SW wristband - these are given out on arrival. Any adult seen on site who is not in possession of a Spree SW wristband should be reported to the Info Point, or the Security Team, and will be escorted off site if they do not have permission to be there.