The Spree SW Core Team

Our core team is made up of dedicated individuals who have been a part of making Spree SW and many other events across the South West happen and bring countless young people and children to know Jesus and who he is in their lives.



Director of South West Youth Ministries. Paul has been part of Spree SW since the start. He co-ordinates the spiritual programme at Spree SW.



Brian looks after Training and Leadership Development within Urban Saints and oversees the bookings and safety aspects of Spree SW.



One of our two new recruits to the Spree SW team - Jacob is employed as our Spree SW Bookings and Infrastructure Co-ordinator



Ollie is another new recruit for the Spree SW team. He is the Resource Manager at SWYM, and will be taking on the role of Camping and Group Liaison.

Core Team Photos.png


Jeff is on the Board of Trustees for Urban Saints, and has been Site Manager for Spree for a number of years.

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Kath is Local Ministries Manager at SWYM and oversees volunteers serving at Spree as well as helping with the hospitality for leaders.