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If this is your first time at Spree SW, or you would like to know more about what we do - this is the right place for you!

This page is dedicated to giving you all the information you will need about how Spree SW works and the process of bringing and looking after your group. All the information on this page is kept up to date, and should be referred back to if you become stuck with anything. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please do have a look on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Key Information

Cost, camping, parking and accessibility…


  • £55 for young people aged 8 - 17*. This price includes access to all Spree activities throughout the weekend.

  • £55 for leaders*. Carers coming to look after children with disabilities may come free of charge.

*Fees for all young people and leaders rise to £65 per person for all bookings received after May 1st.
For Spree SW 2019, all activities onsite will be free to access, however spaces for some activities may be limited.

Please note:
Once groups have booked in their young people and leaders using our on-line system we do not offer refunds if a place is cancelled.
You will need to add on an amount for travel and food for your group.


Please remember that you will need to provide tents, food and transport for your group and may need to add on an amount to the fees to cover these. Keep scrolling for more information about camping and catering for your group at Spree SW 2019.


The site has plenty of parking for cars and minibuses close to the camping area, and on arrival and at departure some vehicles will be permitted to drive to the camping area to load/unload heavy equipment if required. Coaches are able to come onto the site, but may not be able to go directly to your camping area; it is a short walk to carry hand luggage from the coach drop-off point to the camping area and Spree staff will assist by transporting heavy cases/equipment if needed.


At Spree SW we try to be as inclusive as possible and welcome young people with physical or learning disabilities. We would expect the group to look after the needs of the young person during the weekend, and for those unfamiliar with the site we recommend contacting the Spree SW organisers prior to booking to chat through any potential issues. Westpoint’s facilities provide access to disabled toilets in the main venue - these will be accessible 24/7. We can also provide a BSL interpreter in the venues for the meetings, but need advance warning if this is required by a group.

Age Range:

The minimum age is 8 at the start date of Spree. If they turn 8 during Spree they cannot come unless they are children of leaders in the group, in which case they come free of charge but MUST be supervised by their parents the whole time.

The maximum age is 17 at the end date of Spree, i.e. if they turn 18 during Spree they cannot come as a young person (but they can come as a helper with the group's leadership team and the Spree DBS Policy will apply).


Arrival and Departure:

Groups may arrive at the Spree site from 10am onwards on the Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, due to restrictions with the new site, we will not be able to have anyone onsite to setup for your group before 10am on Friday 28th June. The first main event on the programme will take place in the Deeper venue (main building) at about 9:00pm on the Friday evening. Spree finishes at 2:30pm on the Sunday.

First Aid:

Spree SW provides 24-hour first aid cover.

Camping and Catering

Everything you need to know about Camping and Catering

Toilets and Showers:

We provide portable toilets and portable shower blocks, but there are some permanent ones in the main venue too. In the camping areas, we also provide drinking water taps, fire extinguisher points and rubbish skips (including bins for card, metal and food).

Power at Campsites:

Please be aware that we have limited access to power in the camping areas. There is provision for a small amount of power for a maximum of ONE hookup per group, and only if you are brining a caravan/camper. You will need to let us know on the Group Booking Form that you would like access to power. We will then be in touch with arrangements for this.

Tents and Food:

You will need to bring sufficient tents for all those in your group, cooking equipment (gas only as no charcoal barbecues or fires are permitted on the site) and food. There is a Tesco Superstore 15 mins away from the site, but there are some farm shops closer.

Fire Safety:

Camping stoves can create additional risks at Spree. We ask each group to bring a portable dry-powder fire extinguisher if possible and keep it close to the cooking area. We also provide each group with a fire blanket and bucket of water to be kept beside their camping stove. The Leaders' Guide (sent to groups a few weeks prior to the weekend) contains important information about the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to avoid it. You will also be required to complete a Fire Safety Risk Assessment that will be provided with the Leader’s Guide - we have made it as easy as possible, with most of the form filled in, all we need is any additional considerations and your signature.

Water Taps:

At Westpoint we have plenty of access to water taps around the site, however, there will be a short walk for some groups to your nearest tap, so we encourage groups to bring several large portable water containers suitable for drinking water and fill them up early on to help reduce the queuing at the water taps at busy times.

Food Vans:

There will be catering vans on site the whole weekend (including Friday evening) providing a wide range of hot and cold food and drinks. The menus will be available nearer the time. After arrival, groups may book meals for later in the weekend if required.

Shops and Amenities:

We are fortunate to be very close to many amenities on the outskirts of Exeter. Full details of supermarket locations and opening times will be available in the Leader’s Guide which will be released prior to the event.


Onsite Leader’s Café:

Spree runs a café for leaders/helpers, providing somewhere to sit and relax in relative peace and quiet together with free hot/cold drinks and biscuits. The café is open from 9am to 11pm.


A small number of caravans/camper vans will be permitted on site, but ONLY if required for catering purposes or for medical reasons. Groups wishing to bring caravans or camper vans should request this on the Group Booking Form when it is completed on-line.  Caravans and camper vans will be put close to the main camping area if at all possible (although if the site is wet they may have to be parked on hard standing a short distance from your campsite.) We will try to arrange for groups to pitch caravans/camper vans used for catering as close as possible to where the group is camping.

Trailer tents are fine, and don’t count towards your group’s caravan/camper count.

Other Site Info:

NO GLASS BOTTLES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK. We appreciate that those who are catering may have purchased some items in glass containers, which is fine as long as any that are broken are completely cleared up.

The kids loved everything they did this have an unparalleled range of activities to engage them!


We take our Safeguarding responsibilities very seriously at Spree SW

No adult (i.e. anyone aged 18 or over) is permitted to attend Spree SW with a group unless they have a valid, Enhanced DBS Disclosure. Our DBS Policy explains what constitutes validity and the Policy can be viewed on the Bookings page hereIt is vital that groups check their team’s DBS validity as early as possible as we will not allow any adult on-site who does not meet the DBS Policy requirements and DBS Disclosures can take many weeks to come through, especially in the summer months.

At Spree we ask leaders/helpers to follow the best practice advice for working safely with children contained in the Safeguarding Policy that they normally use. It is good practice that any adult helpers accompanying groups, and who don’t normally work in that group, should be treated as ‘trainees’ and supervised by the experienced leaders when they are with young people.

The Leaders' Guide given out to all leaders/helpers in advance of the weekend contains lots of advice about keeping young people safe over the weekend, and clear guidelines about what to do if an emergency arises or any form of child abuse is disclosed or suspected. The Leaders' Guide will be made available closer to the date of Spree SW.

Groups will need to supervise their young people at all times between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am, and at any other time when they are not taking part in an organised Spree activity. We ask leaders of groups to ensure that young people know in which tents the main male and female leaders are sleeping in case they have a problem during the night and need to find them.

Under 8s attending Spree with their parents must be supervised by them at all times.

All adults attending Spree SW should be wearing a Spree SW wristband - these are given out on arrival. Any adult seen on site who is not in possession of a Spree SW wristband should be reported to the Info Point, or the Security Team, and will be escorted off site if they do not have permission to be there.


Frequently Asked Questions

If this section has not answered your question, head over to our FAQ page where you will find answers to many of the questions you may have.