DBS Policy

Please note the Policy has changed from previous years and DBS Disclosures under three years old are now required for all adults coming with groups whether staying overnight or not.

All those attending Spree SW who will be aged 18 or over MUST have a valid, Enhanced DBS Disclosure. Validity is defined as follows:

(a) The DBS Certificate MUST have been issued after June 28th 2016, i.e. it will under 3 years old at the start of Spree SW 2019.

(b) The Disclosure MUST be 'clear' (ie 'NONE RECORDED' appears in all the boxes on Page 1 of the DBS certificate). If the disclosure is not 'clear' then the Urban Saints Safeguarding Officer should be phoned on 01582 589850 in order to discuss whether the issues recorded will prevent that person from attending.

(c) The Disclosure must be for working with children; (i.e. in the 'Position applied for' section at the top right, the word 'child', 'children' or 'youth' MUST appear in the description. Disclosures for working with vulnerable adults are not valid for work with children.)

(d) If your church/group has an Energize Plus subscription with Urban Saints then for insurance reasons only DBS Disclosures obtained through Urban Saints are valid for your team at Spree. All adults booked into Spree SW from Energize Plus groups will be checked and if new DBS Disclosures are required the process will be started immediately by Urban Saints and the Main Leader will be notified of this.

(e) If your church/group does NOT have an Energize Plus subscription with Urban Saints, then Enhanced DBS Disclosures obtained from any third party provider are valid for adults coming with the group as long as the criteria in points (a), (b) and (c) above are met. The church/group is responsible for obtaining any DBS Disclosures required where the criteria for validity are not currently met.

The onus is on Main Leaders of groups coming to Spree SW to check that all adults coming with their group comply with the criteria above. Liability for doing the necessary checks outlined above rests with the church/group and not with Urban Saints or SWYM.

Ticket Price?

£55 for young people aged 8 - 17

£55 for leaders and helpers, but those coming as carers for a young person with a disability may attend free of charge;

Groups may book in at any time right up to the event as long as there is still space, but we strongly encourage groups to register and book in the majority of their group as early as possible and then add any additional bookings as they come in later on. To encourage early booking, all Bookings received by Spree SW after midnight on May 1st will incur a £10 per person surcharge.

*Please note:

Once groups have booked in their young people and leaders using our on-line system we do not offer refunds if a place is cancelled.

The minimum age is 8 at the start date of Spree. Under 8s (and those who turn 8 during Spree) can only attend if they are children of leaders coming to Spree and we do not charge for them. Under 8s MUST be supervised by their parents the whole time.

The maximum age is 17 at the end date of Spree, i.e. if they turn 18 during Spree they cannot come as a young person (but they can come as a helper with the group's leadership team and the Spree DBS Policy will apply).

You will need to add on an amount for travel and food for your group.